COVID-19 Resources

7 ways to look after

your Mental Health

Wellbeing Workshop ambassador Dr Sarah discusses how to protect your mental health during times where the future feels less predictable. 

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Learn to

Relax the Mind

Click 'download' to listen to this short guided relaxation. 

To truly relax – you need to relax the mind and to calm your emotions. You’ll emerge feeling lighter, calmer and more focused on what you want to achieve.

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Nutritional Tips

for Isolation

Nutrition tips to help you get through the COVD-19 isolation period. Our Nutritionist explains why food, exercise and mental or spiritual well-being are all equally important.

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Sleep Hygiene

Optimise your sleep using these

eleven strategies.

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Creating Calm

in the Chaos

5 ideas to promote your relaxation response in the morning.

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Practising Gratitude

Tips for establishing a gratitude practice that will become part of your daily routine.

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Staying Connected During COVID-19

One of the most effective ways we can manage stress and anxiety is to focus on the things we can control.

Dice form the expression "stay home, sta

Stop the Spread 

4 simple reminders of how to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

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