COVID-19 Workshops

Our COVID-19 online learning programmes will boost resilience, help relieve stress and anxiety and will provide your team with strategies needed to manage distractions and sustain productivity while working from home.  


We believe it’s never been more important to look after the wellbeing of your employees.

Let's all get through this – together.

All of our standard workshops are also available online via Zoom webinar

enabling people to come together in shared experience, regardless of physical location.

Explore our standard workshops here



60 mins

COVID-19 is having a significant impact on how we interact with others, do our work and go about our lives. It is also a time of unprecedented uncertainty. We know that a combination of stress and uncertainty can have significant and wide-reaching impacts on the mental wellbeing and how focused and productive we are able to be at work. Equip your team with an understanding of stress and appropriate coping strategies.


In Rewiring for Wellness, the COVID-19 edition, we'll look at the science of stress in the context of the 21st Century living and also COVID-19.

Points covered include:

  • Why are we all so stressed

  • Where stress comes from

  • The mind-body connection

  • What's happening to our brains and bodies when we are in the stress response

  • A toolkit of fast effective, science-based relaxation techniques for busy people, to promote the relaxation response

  • How neuroscience tells us we can rewire our brain in eight weeks to be calmer

  • Learn how to work with your brain's natural wiring  so you are calmer, more creative, productive and of course, happier and healthier

  • A powerful thought reframing tool to help with COIVD-19 specific stressors

  • 5 simple strategies to look after your mental wellness during COVID-19

Participants will also have the chance to reflect on their own personal triggers for stress and relaxation and their body and mind's feedback signals so they can become more attuned with and aware of their own mental wellbeing needs and opportunities for resetting.

Webinar 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes for exercises and Q & A.



3 x 60 -120 mins

Developing awareness of what and how you think in these uncertain times is critical. Gaining control of the environment in which we are being forced to operate from. Building tolerance and staying calm.

Explore 3 online learning programmes that enhance participants’ productivity and creativity, while reducing their stress levels. Choose one, two or all three.


Thriving Through Change
This programme provides participants with a toolkit of practical, well-researched techniques that help them stay calm, rise to challenges, bounce back from difficulties and grow from these experiences.


Building Emotional Resilience Through Healthy Thinking
This programme helps participants to diagnose their own unhealthy thinking habits and understand the impact they have on their wellbeing. They will learn many simple and practical techniques for overcoming these habits and how to strengthen their tolerance for strong emotions.


Focussing Attention & Managing Distractions
This programme is very applicable to the current remote working environment and comprises a powerful combination of well- researched techniques and tools that make the biggest difference to their ability focus their attention, manage distractions and get their most important work done.


Each programme takes between 60 and 120 minutes to complete and comprises of a series of short videos, reflection questions, downloadable exercises and handouts. Programmes come with a Manager Guide which provides a series of questions a manager can ask participants as they move through the programme. Manager involvement has a significant impact on application of learning.

Participants can access all programmes they are enrolled in from any location, at a time that suits them, using any device they choose. Over time, they work out what works for them and form new habits based on this knowledge. Participants can capture their reflections on the learning platform and continue to add their knowledge as the progress. 


60 mins

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems in NZ and it has been exacerbated with COVID-19 and the introduction of isolation.


Anxiety affect's people in many ways.  Relationships with family, colleagues and managers, performance at work, the quality of the work and our general wellbeing.

Learn the important skills and strategies to recognise, support and manage anxiety. Learn the importance of taking good care of yourself through a healthy lifestyle, where and how to get help and support.




60 mins

Te Whare Tapa Whā translates as The House of Wellbeing, which is held up by four foundations of health, mental, physical, relational and spiritual. This concept is used widely in education and the mental health system as a mapping tool to help people understand and take charge of all four dimensions of their wellbeing.

Using The House of Wellbeing model people will learn to
differentiate between current difficulties, preceding difficulties that are being exacerbated by the current situation and potential future difficulties. Thinking strategies derived from cognitive, behavioural therapy and a number of other psychological frameworks will also be taught.


  • Increased ability to prioritise

  • Create an action plan

  • Gain practical strategies to cope with uncertainty & strengthen resilience

  • Awareness of red flags indicating more serious deterioration of any dimension of wellbeing.

  • Understanding the science of stress and introduce Te Whare Tapa Whā as a model to help recognise signs of stress.

  • Use the four walls of Te Whare Tapa Whā to promote healthy habits for wellbeing




60 -120 mins

Many companies are faced with the challenge of job loss due to COVD-19. This leaves employees at a huge loss, financially, mentally and emotionally.
Support your people facing job loss with tools to deal with this unprecedented change. They will gain huge personal insight from this deeply reflective programme. 

Participants will gain huge personal insight from this deeply reflective programme. They are provided with access to a carefully chosen selection of tools and exercises designed to deepen self awareness and understanding. They will learn what’s unique about them, gain clarity about what’s most important to them, understand where they are at now and how to create the future they want.


If you are impacted by any type of transition situation (at work or home), the programme will help participants to make better, more informed decisions about their future. While it is challenging work to do and requires deep thought, there are huge benefits to doing this work (including a positive impact on long-term health and wellbeing).

This workshop is comprised of a series of short videos, reflection questions, downloadable exercises and handouts. 

Participants can access from any location, at a time that suits them, using any device they choose. Participants can capture their reflections on the learning platform and continue to add to their knowledge as they progress.



4 x 60 mins (plus weekly webinar)

What a great time to learn about the brain, mindfulness, emotions and how to protect your mental health in times of stress.

Utilise this lockdown period to learn these valuable life skills. The course has been designed for adults and kids. Work together as a family and flourish into the future.

This four week online mindfulness course, will equip your people with effective techniques and strategies to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety                    

  • Protect your mental health- Process emotions

  • Get on top of worrying- Help yourself cope with current changes to our day to day in the best possible way

  • Do something for you during this unprecedented time

A step by step guide to Mindfulness made up out of:

  • Videos, text & questions for personal insights

  • Step by step guides to the mindfulness techniques

  • Practical easy to implement tips          

  • Guided mindfulness exercises soundtracks for your phone

  • After taking the course your people will have a toolkit of stress management techniques that will help them navigate these uncertain times in the best way possible.


Each week takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.  


There is also a weekly optional free webinar. Webinars will share how to mindfully process and manage:

  • Concerns for the health of loved ones

  • Concerns for the economic consequences we face

  • The challenges of self-isolating 

  • The impact of social distancing

  • Media intake 

  • Fears about the future

  • How to protect your mental health with mindfulness

The webinar is optional and not a requirement for doing the course. The webinar info (date, time, log in details) will be emailed to all participants.



30 mins

Virtual one to one appointments provide a safe & understanding space for employees to discuss their mental and emotional wellbeing with a qualified mental wellbeing professional or coach.


These 30-minute sessions offer employees a unique opportunity to process life's challenges. Helping develop an emotional and mental toolkit of skills to become more resilient, motivated, confident and peaceful in themselves.

We recommend wellbeing coaching be open to all staff.


Employees may have a specific challenge or concern which they would benefit from some confidential guidance on, or alternatively they may simply feel they need someone to talk to to get through the anxiety, stress and isolation of covid-19.

How it works;

Duration: 8 x 30 minute sessions per day

Minimum booking: One day

Delivery: via phone, Facetime, Zoom or your preferred platform

Booking: sessions can be booked anonymously and managed completely by us if required, making the process completely confidential.



2 x 60 mins

An interactive workshop that helps Leaders build and sustain a positive, grateful mindset.

Learn and discuss how to manage our own internal responses to the COVID-19 challenge and ensure your teams are provided with the right strategies to cope with this crisis.

Delivers strategies around how to deal with our own internal responses to the challenge. 

PART TWO (Delivered one week later)
This session introduces the Leadership Team to a framework that helps them to understand the drivers of human behaviour and thought patterns. We explore the source of emotional turmoil [anger, frustration, anxiety and stress] and build higher levels of awareness [mindfulness] so that Leaders understand how to work through these to find a calmer state of being, regardless of their external environment.

  • Why do I behave the way that I do? 

  • What drives my reactions and why do I think the way that I do? 

  • Why do I struggle at times with my emotions and experience periods of stress, frustration and anger?

Your mind is a tool, and like any other tool, it can be used for constructive purposes or for destructive purposes.


Our expert helps people improve their ability to perform by developing a deeper understanding of their thoughts and consciousness so that they can take back control of their minds to improve their thoughts, actions and outcomes.​

Delivered by one of Australia's top Resilience Experts and published Author, who works with leading companies in both New Zealand and Australia.


30 mins

Delivered in a nutshell, this ½ hour practical, no-holds-barred talk, will arm you with a list of essential action points that you can take today to improve your health while at home. 

  • Not only do inflammatory processes play a key role in immunity and healing but the quality of your diet has a huge impact on our immune system. 

  • Learn what can you do now to optimise your immune system.

  • How to get reacquainted with your kitchen, meal prep, save money and eat real food. 

  • How to avoid stress eating and overeating while working from home.

  • Explore the role of: supplements, anti-Inflammatory foods, lifestyle and stress.