Wellbeing Courses

Our programmes and courses are designed to provide a deeper understanding

of the principles and practices that promote positive mental health. 

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60 mins

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1. Free your Mind - 90 minute workshop
Imagine that, being able to free your mind! In this session, we share lots of ways you can free your mind and set unwanted thoughts and beliefs free. Firstly, we look at how & why we become stressed, over-anxious and depressed. Having this understanding is a critical step in healing. Understand the two key causes of mind-unwellnes. Have access to lots of ideas/practices to free and heal your mind. Comfort and knowledge that you can get yourself well.

2. Nourish Your Mind & Body - 90 minute workshop
The basis of good health is to have the foundations right. Session two looks at ways to nourish our mind and body, why it's important, and how to sustain it. It also includes an introduction to the hugely successful Mindfulness programme.
-Know which lifestyle choices will have a positive impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing. Understand the principles of the Mindfulness Programme and be able to immediately benefit from its practices.

3. Flourish - 90 minute workshop
We start our final session by digging a little deeper - is there anything preventing you from moving forward? Why do you think/act the way you do? We then share ideas to help you move on, grow and flourish. New beginnings; an understanding of what makes us tick - our motivations, thinking, responses, feelings that sometimes feel at odds with who we are/want to be. With this awareness, comes the ability to make changes as required. Access to ideas that will lift your spirits, heal your mind and help ensure a brighter, happier way forward.


 5 x 60mins

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In this foundation course you will learn the principle practices of Mindfulness, and how they can be applied and integrate into life. This course is ideal for learning about triggers, emotions and how we come to view the world through our own conditioning. The training will help to bring less stress. less anxiety, and more motivation to all participants. There are five modules to the workshop.

Introduction to Mindfulness

Understanding the Mind & Emotion's

Embracing Impermanence & Change

The 4 Mindfulness Practices

The Power of Compassion (For ourselves & others).

1. Learn about social & environmental conditioning and how to cultivate a daily Mindfulnes routine
2. Teach the most beneficial Mindfulness practice for stress, focus and calming the mind
3. Learn that happiness can be cultivated through Mindfulness
4. Understand triggers, negative thought patterns and how to overcome them.                                                             
5. Learn the 4 main mindfulness practices.


5 x 60 mins

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In this course participants will learn what makes and defines the ego, how the subconscious mind affects our wellbeing and determines so much of our patterns and behaviours. You will then learn how our thoughts are creating our reality. The course also teaches techniques and practices to help uproot the deeper habitual tendencies that don't serve us. We in turn can then create significant changes to our beliefs and behaviors’ that govern our lives. There is also a unique module on health and well-being in a modern world. This course also includes more in depth Mindfulness training, on how to be aware of others, and to help us develop better relationships.

- Learn about the deeper aspects of Ego, and how to make it your friend!                                                               
- Understanding the nature of cause and effect. Mind and mental habits.
- Judgements and Justifications. How they lead to suffering.
- Commitment & Consistency. How to set a regular habit.
- Learn useful health tips and tricks.