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Ageism in the Workplace

Leaders, Other

Available in:

Workshop | Webinar


60 mins

When many companies talk about diversity, they think of including different races and sexual orientations, yet hiring older workers often does not get mentioned. Older workers can and should play a meaningful role in the workforce. At least one out of every five people over sixty-five still want to work.

This workshop will cover
What are some of the barriers for older workers gaining meaningful employment, such as online job applications?
What can we learn from NZ Māori about “respecting their elders” which is a pilar of their culture?
Today, many countries have a strong focus on “youth leadership” but why has no country done this in the past?
Why do older workers generally have more resilience than younger workers?
What can be done to help older workers who may be slower with technology?
What are some practical things your company can do to build an inclusive culture
where older workers are valued?
What new markets can older workers identify that younger workers may not consider?

Wellbeing Workshop has over 100 workshop topics to choose from, and not all of them are featured on our website. It can be daunting trying to select the right workshop for your team, so please get in touch if you need assistance. 


We will take the time to understand the culture of your organisation,  any challenges that you may be facing and where you are at on your wellbeing journey.


All our workshops offer relevant and science-backed information that is both practical and thought provoking. Content will be tailored to suit your requirements or created.


Our aim is to get your people thinking about how  to better support themselves both personally and professionally. Offering support and mental wellbeing training opportunities within your organisation, will help you build a healthy workforce and positive workplace culture.


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