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Emotions Masterclass & Sky Jump Package

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Half day

Part One - The Ultimate Emotions Masterclass
Learn how to understand and process difficult emotions. Participants will get equipped with science-based strategies and tools to help them overcome difficult times and reach their full potential.
Part Two - Auckland Sky Jump
Following the 60 minute interactive workshop, AJ Hackett Jump Masters will take the participants on a journey towards potentially doing a Sky Jump. By applying what they have learned from Part 1 of the course, they will be given the opportunity to calm their emotions and do the Jump! (optional)

Wellbeing Workshop has over 100 workshop topics to choose from, and not all of them are featured on our website. It can be daunting trying to select the right workshop for your team, so please get in touch if you need assistance. 


We will take the time to understand the culture of your organisation,  any challenges that you may be facing and where you are at on your wellbeing journey.


All our workshops offer relevant and science-backed information that is both practical and thought provoking. Content will be tailored to suit your requirements or created.


Our aim is to get your people thinking about how  to better support themselves both personally and professionally. Offering support and mental wellbeing training opportunities within your organisation, will help you build a healthy workforce and positive workplace culture.


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