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New Trends in Workplace Wellbeing

New Trends in Workplace Wellbeing

If there is one piece of advice we would give businesses for the new year, it is this... Do not underestimate the importance of workplace wellbeing.

The mental and physical health of your employees is integral to the success of your business.

Workplace wellbeing is in the forefront of many employer’s minds. It is a fast-growing area that successful businesses are investing in more and more every year. Now is the perfect time to plan your wellbeing programs for the year ahead.

But what should you include in your plan? How can you make sure you are including aspects that will make a real impact?

If you need some inspiration, here are some of the top trends in workplace wellbeing...

Supporting Work/Life Balance

Every person who has a job of any kind wants balance in their life.

These days, work-life balance can seem like an impossible feat. Technology makes workers accessible around the clock.  However studies reveal that those who maintain a steady work-life balance are much more productive than those who do not.

Work-life balance means something different to every individual, but it’s important to find the balance that’s right for you.

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and home is something that many people strive for. But we all know that putting it into practice can be challenging.

Even the simplest of wellbeing tasks can be hard to fit into a busy schedule. Finding the time to exercise is an important aspect of wellness, but it is often put aside in favour of more pressing tasks. So many companies are choosing to bring these initiatives to their employees at the workplace.

Companies who gain a reputation for encouraging work-life balance have become very attractive to workers and will draw a valuable pool of candidates for new job openings. These companies also enjoy higher employee retention rates, which results in less time-consuming training, more loyalty, and a higher degree of in-house expertise.

The support of physical wellness is appearing in many forms. Whether it is providing an in-house gym or fitness classes, making these services available in the workplace shows your employees you take their health and wellbeing seriously. It also cuts out the extra stress of them needing to fit these things into their week.

Encouraging Downtime

Thankfully, the last few years, have seen a strong movement away from working longer and longer hours. It has become obvious that people will be more motivated, productive and innovative if they get time away from their desk to refresh.

In support of this concept, many businesses are encouraging employees to switch off and sign out when they head home for the day. Answering after-hours emails or group texts is discouraged after a certain time. Of course, there may be exceptions to this rule for special events or projects. But the pressure to work overtime and to be the last person to leave the office is removed. We love that this is resulting in healthier workplace worldwide and happier employees.

Financial Wellness

Along with physical and emotional problems, financial stress can have a real impact on our wellbeing. In recognition of this, companies are increasingly focusing on financial wellness programs, offering tools, lunchtime lectures and educational materials on debt management, retirement planning and more.

In fact, we offer these very resources at Wellbeing Workshop. We understand that money can be a real source of angst for many New Zealanders. Which is why we have the best financial experts to help your team deal with any personal concerns related to money.

Customised Programs

Moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach, businesses are now looking into customised outreach and support. Because every business is different and has unique needs, a personalised journey to wellness makes sense. Using data and conversations, a wellbeing program can be targeted for your workplace to boost employee engagement and will ensure your wellbeing initiative is successful.

A Health-Conscious Workplace

Support your employees to be healthy while showing your commitment to wellness by providing healthy food and drink options in the office. Rather than a snack machine packed with processed food and sugar, stock the kitchen with nut bars, rice crackers, hummus, and fresh fruit.

Not only will your team appreciate the lack of temptation, but these healthy snacks will naturally boost focus and energy levels!

Investing in the wellbeing of your workplace provides enormous benefits. Your employees will have less sick time, be more productive and motivated. Your business will also be known as a great place to work, helping you attract great new talent and boost your reputation.

If you are ready to ready to make workplace wellbeing a top trend at your office, then get in touch with us here at Wellbeing Workshop. We have a number of different programmes available and we can also provide custom solutions designed specifically for your team. Drop us a line today

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