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Word on Wellbeing

Business leader Jason Witehira shares his insights on Covid-19 and beyond......

Wellbeing Workshop gets up close and personal with some of New Zealand's favourite Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Sports People and Celebrities.

Born in Rotorua, Jason started stacking shelves at his local New World after dropping out of school at 16. He now owns and operates New World Victoria Park in the central Auckland suburb of Freemans Bay and in 2016 won the Outstanding Maori Business Leaders Award.

Jason is on the Board of Foodstuffs New Zealand and Moana Fisheries, as well as Chairman of Ngāpuhi Asset Holdings Company. He talks to us of the challenges he faced as an essential worker throughout lockdown period and how focus was his key to getting through.

Name 3 things you’ve learnt as a Business Leader from Covid-19.

1. How resilient my team have been and needed to be.

2. Human individuals behave under pressure.

3. How quick things can move forward when needed (no need for politics and unnecessary meetings).

What is the biggest challenge you have had to face because of Covid-19 and how are you going to overcome it?

My own fear of the unknown. By staying focused on what is at hand and not letting unnecessary distractions get in the way.

Are you going to implement any personal changes because of Covid-19?

Yes. Focus more on what is important and not try be everything to everyone.

As a person who wears many hats, what is your best advice to avoid burnout?

I employed a PA to help organise my calendar and give better balance with all that I do.

Do you think businesses will develop new levels of empathy and a greater willingness to talk about mental healthcare because of the pandemic?

Absolutely I feel it was already starting to happen pre Covid, however is now highlighted even more.

What tools do you have in place to encourage ‘positive wellbeing behaviours’ in your workplace?

Awareness policies, clear communication with my team regarding health and wellness. Review of rosters, ensure holidays and time out. Thinking about how a four day working week would work. A lot to think of however an option.

What are you currently curious about?

Physical and Digital space.....”Phygital” The world has changed so how do we adjust to what we do physically and how to use the digital space more efficiently, i.e; shopping online but keeping a culture of togetherness.....

If you were going to invest in your future best self, where would you put your time and energy?

Being able to share coalface experiences in a governance environment. How to keep evolving as well as ensure the here and now is enabled.

Wellbeing Workshop is dedicated to creating mentally healthier and happier workplaces with face to face and online programs and workshops that enhance employee wellbeing and business performance. Chat to us today about how we can help your people thrive.

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